The Project



The ‘Terror from the Sky’ project was initiated by artist and designer Joe Robinson who partnered with Chace Community School and other organisations such as Enfield Local Studies Library and Archive. The title of the project is a summary of the fear caused by the flying bomb and the V2 rocket campaign against London (including Enfield) in the last years of World War II.


The aim has been both to rediscover part of Enfield’s lost wartime heritage and to develop ways in which the subject could be used to enrich people’s connection with local community today.

For schools the aim was also to provide a direct local teaching link to a significant worldwide event and to aid students in reflecting on modern conflicts. The initial project involved developing a strong connection between learning and personal experience. Trips to museums and archives were expanded to give a real hands on feel for both the subject and for the professions of heritage and museums. Practical work included an archaeological field dig as well as a visit to the grave of a local wartime pilot.

Overall the project proved that the subjects potential to enrich learning and to generate new cross curriculum opportunities were significant. Both students and staff found the different elements of the work both interesting and exciting. As one student said in feedback…

“Very good is an understatement. I personally loved this as we were able to get practical with the research, and actually make it real!”

Amongst other outcomes the project developed an education pack which is available to anyone interested locally in the topic. The project also proved that the subject has considerable potential to be expanded and for this heritage to encourage a greater connection between place and community.


This project would only have been possible with the support of the Heritage Lottery Fund – All Our Stories programme. Our thanks goes to them. We would also like to thank all the different museums and venues we attended as well as staff at Enfield Local Studies Library and Archive and Enfield Parks department. Our appreciation also goes to a score of individuals who also gave their time, assistance and memories to the project,