Information & Education pack

The Enfield ‘Terror from the Sky’project developed an education pack related to the V1 and V2 bombing. Made up of twenty pages that include a wealth of background information as well as listings, maps, photos and examples of Enfield incidents.  The kit contains a list of further sources of information as well as lesson ideas.  Schools can develop work from the information or use pages directly with students as an aid to further study.  Its’ goal is to help enrich students connection with their local community as well as give a direct local link to a significant and historic worldwide event. It may also support reflection on modern conflicts and assist generating new cross curriculum opportunities for learning.

The kit also provides a wealth of information for members of the public interested in finding out more about the subject.

You can obtain a copy of the pack by contacting Enfield Local Studies Library and Archive.

Call 020 8379 2724 or email

The pack is free electronically. Hard copies can be printed out at the Archives for a nominal printing fee.

Schoolkitpic144Please note: Elements of the kit may be used and copied for educational purposes with schools or for private interest. No part of the kit may be used for any other purpose, commercial or otherwise, without permission.